Haryana PWD B And R

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The Governor of Haryana invites the bids from eligible bidders  though online bids in the website https://haryanaeprocurement.gov.in for the work detailed in the table.




Name of works.


Cost of Tender & e-Service Fees

Estimate Cost (in Lacs)

Bid Security (Earnest Money)

Enlistment fees  for non Enlisted Contractor

Time Limit

Date and time for bid preparation to Hash Submission.

Date of opening of tender


Const. of 100 beded Hospital in the campus of Govt. Hospital at Ambala Cantt in Ambala Distt. (Pdg. CCTV System)



Rs. 15000/- & Rs. 1000/-



Rs. 106.22 Lacs


Rs. 2,12,500/- for Contractor & Rs. 1,06,250/- for Society



Rs. 20000/-



4 (Four) Months




10:01 hrs to 20.06.2017

17:00 hrs




11:00 hrs


1.                   Bidding Documents can be downloaded online from the Portal https://haryanaeprocurement.gov.in by the society /Contractors registered on the Portal.


2.                   Pre bid meeting will be held------------at 11:30 Hrs. In the committee room of office of Engineer-in-chief, Haryana, PWD, B&R, Br., Chandigarh to clarify the issue and to answer questions on any matter that may be raised at that stage as stated in clauses 9.2 of ‘Instructions to Bidders’ of the bidding documents.


3.                   As the Bids that are to be submitted online are required to be encrypted and digitally signed, the Bidders are advised to obtain the same at the earliest. For obtaining Digital Certificate, the Bidders may contract the representative of Next Tenders, the service Providers of Electronic Tendering System.


4.                   The contractual Agencies can submit their tender documents (Online) as per the dated mentioned in the key dated above:-


Key Dates



Sr. No.



Start Date

Expiry Date



Release of Tender



10:01 hrs


10:00 hrs



Online Bid Preparation & Submission *(Bidder Stage)


10:01 hrs


17:00 hrs



Manual Submission of additional documents.


10:01 hrs


13:00 hrs


Date & time of opening of Technical Bids/s.

Control Transfer of Bids


14:01 hrs


11:00 hrs


Date & time of opening of Financial Bids/s



11:00 hrs


17:00 hrs





1.                                              The Bidders can download the tender documents from the Portal:  https://haryanaeprocurement.gov.in. Earnest Money Deposit and Tender document Fee have to be deposited through Online in favor of Executive Engineer, Elect. Division PWD B&R Br., Ambala Cantt

Willing Contractors shall have to pay the e- Service Fees in form of Online in favor of ‘Society for IT initiative fund for e - Governance” payable at Chandigarh. However, the details of the EMD, Tender document Fee & E – Service Fee are required to be filled/ provided at the time of online Bid Preparation (Hash Submission) Stage; the Bidders are required to keep the EMD, Tender document fee & E- Service fee details ready beforehand.



2.                  The tender shall be submitted by the tenderer in the following three separate envelops:


1                    Earnest Money                        -           Envelope “BS’ (Scanned copy online

and hard copy in physical form)

Tender Document Fee /

e- Service fee                          -           Online

                        2          N.I.T. and Technical Bid        -           Envelope “T I” (online)

                        3          Tender in Form –A (Price Bid)-          Envelope “C I’ (online)

Note:   Online Bidders are required to submit the copy of challan for payment of BS in a physical BS Envelop - ‘BS’. Price Bids and Technical Bid are to be submitted mandatory online and shall not be accepted in any physical form.


Above envelop, as applicable, shall be kept in a big outer envelop, which shall also be sealed, In the first instance, the envelop- ‘BS’ of all the Bidder containing the Bid Security shall be opened online and physically. It the Earnest Money is found proper, Technical Bid shall be open (online) in the presence of Such Contractors which choose to be present. The Financial offer in Envelop in “CI’ shall be open (online) only if the tenderers meet the qualification criteria as per the Bid document. The date of opening of Financial Bid shall be fixed at the time of opening of Technical Bid.

The Contractual Agencies will submit the necessary documents as under.

Envelops ‘BS’- Bid Security Envelop

Physical BS Envelop- The Bid Security will have to be in any one of the forms as specified in the bidding document.

Online BS Envelop-Reference details of the Bid Security instrument and scanned copy of the Bid Security.

In case of Financial bid is submitted but bid Security has not been submitted by any bidder, then bidder would be debarred from further tendering in Haryana PWD (B&R for a period of minimum 1 year.


3.                  Envelop ‘CI’-Price Bid Envelope

Information related to Price Bid of the tender to be submitted mandatorily online

The envelop marked BS shall be submitted clearly marking the name of agency and name of work.

The contractual Agencies can submit their tender documents (Online) as per date mentioned in the Key Dates above:- 


1.                  DNIT & Prequalification can be seen on any working day during office hours in office of the undersigned.

2.                  Conditional tenders will not be entertained & are liable to be rejected.

3.                  In case the day of opening of tenders happens to be holiday, the tenders will be opened on the next working day. The time and place of receipt of tenders and other conditions will remain unchanged.

4.                  The undersigned reserve the right to reject and tender or all the tenders without assigning any reason.

5.                  The societies shall produce an attested copy of the resolution of the Co-Operative department for the issuance of tenders.

6.                  The tender without earnest money will not be opened.

7.                  The jurisdiction of court will be at Ambala.

8.                  The tender of the bidder who does not satisfy the qualification criteria in the bid documents are liable to be rejected summarily without assigning any reason and no claim whatsoever on this account will be considered.

9.                  The bid for the work shall remain open for acceptance during the bid validity period to be reckoned from the last date of ‘manual submission of BS. If any bidder/render withdraws his bid/tender before the said period or makes any modifications in the terms and conditions of the bid, the earnest money shall stand forfeited. Bids shall be valid for 120 days from the date of bid closing i.e. form last date of manual submission of EMD. In case the last day to accept the tender happens to be holiday, validity to accept tender will be the next working day.


Executive Engineer,

                                    Electrical Division PWD B&R

            Ambala Cantt

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