Haryana PWD B And R

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            The Governor of Haryana invites the bids from eligible bidders through online bids in the website: https://haryanaeprocurement.gov.in for the work detailed in the table.


Package No.

Name of work

Approximate value of woks (Rs.)

Bid Security (Rs.)

Cost of document (Rs.)

Time limit

Date and time for bid preparation to Hash Submission.









Construction of Road from Railway Crossing Nanhera to Ramgarh on Tangri Bandh in Ambala District.


Rs.403.71 Lac

Rs.8.08 Lacs

lacs for

Contractor &

Rs.4.04 Lacs for Society

Rs.15000/- + Rs.1000/-

12 months


10:01 hrs. to -------------

17:00 hrs

The Bidders can download the tender documents from the Portal:  https://haryanaeprocurement.gov.in. Earnest Money Deposit and Tender document Fee have to be deposited as per instructions to bidders.



The contractual Agencies can submit their tender documents as per the dated mentioned in the key dates below:-

Key Dates


Sr. no.

PWD B&R Stage

Contactor Stage

Start Date and Time

Expiry Date and Time



Tender Document Download and Bid Preparation





Manual submission of Tender document fee, EMD and E-Service fee etc.




Technical Opening





Technical Evaluation





Opening of Financial Bid




Pre bid meeting will be held on          at 11.30 Hrs. in the office of Executive Engineer, PD-1, PWD B&R, Ambala Cantt to clarify the issues and to answer questions on any matter that may be raised at that stage as stated in clause 9.2 “Instructions to Bidders” of the bidding document


Important Note:


1)      The bidders have to complete ‘Bid Preparation & Submission’ stage on scheduled time as mentioned above. If any bidder failed to complete his/her aforesaid stage in the stipulated online time schedule for this stage, his/her bid status will be considered as ‘bids not submitted’.

2)      Bidder must confirm & check his/her bid status after completion of his/her all activities for e-bidding.

3)      Bidder can rework on his/her bids even after completion of ‘Bid Preparation & submission stage’ (Bidder Stage), subject to the condition that the rework must take place during the stipulated time frame of the Bidder Stage.

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