Haryana PWD B And R

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The Governor of Haryana invites the bids from eligible bidders through online bids in the website: https://haryanaeprocurement.gov.in for the work detailed in the table.





Description of

work / Items



value of

woks (Rs.)


EMD to be


by Bidder





Fee &


Fee (Rs.)


Start Date &

Time of Bid





Expiry Date

& Time of




Expiry Date

& Time of







Construction of 2

Nos. car Parking

shed in Govt. Girls

Sr. Sec. School at



Rs. 8.20



Rs. 16400/-



& Rs.




Rs. 1,000/-

Rs. 1000/-



(17:00 Hrs



(11:00 Hrs.)



11:00 Hrs.)



Under this process, the Pre-qualification/ Technical online bid Application as well as online Price Bid shall be invited at single stage under two covers i.e. PQQ/Technical & Commercial Envelope. Eligibility and qualification of the Applicant will be first examined based on the details submitted online under first cover (PQQ or Technical) with respect to eligibility and qualification criteria prescribed in this Tender document. The Price Bid under the second cover shall be opened for only those Applicants whose PQQ/ Technical Applications are responsive to eligibility and qualifications requirements as per Tender document.

1.      The payment for Tender Document Fee shall be made by eligible bidders online directly through Internet Banking Accounts and e-Service Fee through Debit Cards & Internet Banking Accounts. The tender security will have to be in any one of the form as specified in the bidding document. Tender security has to be submitted in a separate sealed BS envelope and has to reach in the office of Executive Engineer, Provincial Division No.2, PWD B&R Br., Rohtak on or before 24.03.2017 upto 15:00 Hrs.

2.      Intending bidders will be mandatorily required to Online Sign-up (create user account) on the website https://haryanaeprocurement.gov.in to be eligible to participate in the e- Tender. He/She will be required to make offline payment of (Here mention the EMD Amount) towards EMD fee in due course of time.

The interested bidders shall have to pay mandatorily e-Service fee (Non refundable) of Rs.1000/- (Rupee One Thousand Only) online by using the service of secure electronic gateway. The secure electronic payments gateway is an online interface between bidders & online payment authorization networks.

The Bidders can submit their tender documents (Online) as per the dates mentioned in the key dates:-

Key Dates

Sr. No.

Department Stage

Bidder's Stage

Start date and time

Expiry date and time



Tender Document Download and Bid Preparation/Submission

02.03.2017 (17:00 Hrs.)

24.03.2017 (11:00 Hrs.)


Technical Bid Opening


24.03.2017 (15:00 Hrs. to 17:00 Hrs.)


Financial Bid Opening


24.03.2017 (15:00 Hrs. to 17:00 Hrs.)





Important Note:

Text Box: Witness
Text Box: Employer


1)     The Applicants/bidders have to complete Application / Bid Preparation & Submission' stage on scheduled time as mentioned above. If any Applicant / bidder failed to complete his / her aforesaid stage in the stipulated online time schedule for this stage, his / her Application/bid status will be considered as 'Applications / bids not submitted'.

2)      Applicant/Bidder must confirm & check his/her Application/bid status after completion of his/her all activities for e-bidding.

3)     Applicant/Bidder can rework on his/her bids even after completion of Application/Bid Preparation & submission stage' (Application/Bidder Stage), subject to the condition that the rework must take place during the stipulated time frame of the Applicant/Bidder Stage.

4)      In the first instance, the online payment details of tender document fee, e-Service and EMD & PQQ/Technical Envelope shall be opened. Henceforth financial bid quoted against each of the item by the shortlisted bidder/ Agency wherever required shall be opened online in the presence of such bidders/ Agency who either themselves or through their representatives choose to be present. The bidder can submit online their bids as per the dates mentioned in the schedule/Key Dates above.

The bids shall be submitted online in two separate envelopes:

Envelope 1: Technical Bid

The bidders shall upload the required eligibility & technical documents online in the Technical Bid.

Envelope 2: Commercial Bid

The bidders shall quote the prices in price bid format under Commercial Bid.


1.     Approved DNIT & Prequalification documents can be seen on any working day during office hours in office of the undersigned. Though proper care has been taken to upload approved DNIT. However, there may be some discrepancy. In case of discrepancy between approved DNIT and uploaded DNIT. The approved DNIT will be applicable. The approved DNIT will be made part of agreement.

2.      Conditional tenders will not be entertained & are liable to be rejected.

3.      In case the day of opening of tenders happens to be holiday, the tenders will be opened on the next working day. The time and place of receipt of tenders and other conditions will remain unchanged.

4.      The undersigned reserves the right to reject any tender or all the tenders without assigning any reason.

5.      The societies shall produce an attested copy of the resolution of the Co-Operative department.

6.      The tenders without earnest money / Bid security will not be opened.

7.      The jurisdiction of court will be at Rohtak.

8.     The tender of the bidder who does not satisfy the qualification criteria in the bid documents are liable to be rejected summarily without assigning any reason and no claim whatsoever on this account will be considered.

9.      The bid for the work shall remain open for acceptance during the bid validity period to be reckoned from the last date of 'manual submission of (Technical) documents & BS'. If any bidder/tenderer withdraws his bid/tender before the said period or makes any modifications in the terms and condition of the bid, the said earnest money shall stand forfeited. Bids would required to be valid for 120 days from the date of bid closing i.e. from last date of manual submission of (Technical) documents and EMD. In case the last

day to accept the tender happens to be holiday , validity to accept tender happens to be holiday, validity to accept tender will be the next working day.

Executive Engineer,

Provincial Division No.2,

PWD B&R Br., Rohtak

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